5 Utterly Personalised Birthday Gift Ideas For Her

Gone are the days when you could wow a girl with a fancy dinner or a costly purchase of designer wear. In today's day and age it's all about exclusive and thoughtful gifts. Sometimes all it takes is a little note saying "For The One Whom I Need More Than My Phone", to make the gift symbolic, thoughtful and unique. And if the person happens to be the girl you want to sweep off her feet with all your romance, then you got to put in some efforts. Thankfully I am here to take half the load of ideation off you. Here are some of my simple yet guaranteed to 'strike her by awe' suggestions for her birthday gift.

1. Surprise

Every woman/girl likes a surprise, even if it's a not so fancy one. It just goes on to show that you care a lot to put in all your efforts just to make her feel special. Surprises may seem easy but the reason why not a lot of people take this route is 'coz it needs a lot of planning and detail. You may therefore choose to keep it simple yet thoughtful for her like a surprise drive to the destination of her choice, an impromptu birthday dance you practiced for days to make her smile, or a beautifully decorated bedroom for the birthday girl that has her favourite theme colour

2. Flowers 

You would wonder what is so unique in this done to death and so obvious gift? It is the way you wrap it in your love. Try it a little differently this time. When you take her out for her birthday dinner, drive her past a field with wild outgrown patch of grass and/or flowers. Stop and ask her to close her eyes for a count of 50 while you prep her a fresh bouquet. Carry a hand written note, a ribbon, a gift wrap and pair of scissors in your car for this impromptu gift. The surprise element and your efforts will surely tear her up.

3. Chocolates 

You must have heard of luxury chocolates, gourmet chocolates, Belgian Chocolates, but the best are ones that are hand made with love by you. The simplest and yummiest recipe includes dipping strawberries in a bowl of melted chocolate and then freezing them. You can add her favourite flavour on top with MnMs, Marshmellows, Chocochips or colorful Sprinklers. Packaging is the part where you can really score some extra brownie points with her. Name each chocolate as a quality you like in your gal or the names you call her with like the "Naughty Hershey", "Pretty Kit-Kat" and stick the cellophane wrapped choco balls against their name chart. Give an overarching brand name to the entire box  Katty's Hearty Berry or Chin's Choco Hearts.

4. Sexy Photoshoot

This one is for the selfie queen, one who is confident about her looks and who loves to get captured on a camera. Making her feel special is quite easy if you ask me! There is a whole list of photographers in town that can capture your girl from sexy to candid, the girl next door to the fashion queen of Instagram. Just book your woman an exclusive half day shoot with a great stylist and photographer of your choice and she'll be flaunting your gift with all her friends on social for sure!!

5. Song 

We often don't tell the people we love enough about what makes them so special. Is it their crooked but perfect smile or their wicked tricks, is it their funny PJs or their fetish for your pierced eyebrow? Any praise is never enough, so put on your creative thinking cap and write a song about her. It doesn't matter if you are the best writer or not, it's more important for you to pen it than rhyme it. Hire a local band and record your song while you sing along with the band. It is not just romantic but super daring for someone who is media shy.

She may be getting a lot of special gifts this year from friends and family but yours is going to stand out special 'coz you put a little YOU in it!


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