The Colorful World Of Charcuterie Platters

Charcuterie Platter Singapore‘Charcuterie’ is a French term which means cured meats. A typical charcuterie platter is made of dried pork done in various preparations but in modern day it has broadened as a complete snack offering. A Charcuterie or a Grazing platter now includes meats like pepperoni, prosciutto, bacon etc., cheese, fruits, nuts, veggies, fruits, bread, crackers, dips and other condiments.

When preparing a Charcuterie at home a good place to kickstart it is with knowing the theme for it. One could go with country themes like French Vs. American where the ingredients and presentation is specific to each country style or one could go for a picnic Vs. celebratory style where the ingredients can be simple or more rich and exotic. Platters can be a simple, easy on palette or heavy mini meals in their own. Depending on the theme of the platter one could make various combinations. Few of my favourite ones are:

  1. Salami & Prosciutto with light dips and fruits
  2. Soppresatta salami, cheese and fruits
  3. Spicy Chorizo with fruits and tea cakes
  4. Cold cheese and fruits with warm sausages
  5. Smoked meat, olive with crackers and breads

No matter what combinations you want to try, it is a good idea to balance the flavours with contrasting combinations. Adding condiments like pickles, spreads, honey, dips etc makes the Charcuterie more flavourful.

The secret to a beautiful looking platter is the presence of contrasting colors and flavors, so next time you are preparing one, throw in lots of it and you are sure to wow your family and party guests over.


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