Wine Party With Charcuterie

Charcuterie Platter
Wine Party With Charcuterie
Charcuterie platters come in various styles – from light and easy to bold flavoured and heavy. When hosting guests for a dinner party, you would not want to start with heavy charcuterie platters as that would mean by the time it’s dinner, guests have already eaten and probably drunk to their heart’s content and are now left with little to no space for all the hard work you have put in for dinner preparations.
I am a huge proponent of starting light and easy on snacks so you and your guests can enjoy conversations over some wine and easy going snacks.
Always A Great Start - Mild Charcuterie
A mild charcuterie platter would comprise of light snacks, less bold and yet flavourful enough to satisfy everyone’s palate.  It will include breads, crackers, non-smoky cold cuts like chicken ham or Prosciutto, dry-cured salami, fruits, nuts, teas cakes and light dips.
One Wine For The Charcuterie Variety
If you were to select one wine for the entire Charcuterie platter I would suggest going with sparkling wine and if you celebrating, then a Champagne without doubt. The best thing about Champagne and sparkling wines is that they are sweet enough to match the sweet content of the fruits, acidic to pair well with cured meats and perfectly flavored to go with breads.
Best Wine For Fruity Platters
Fruits not just add a lot of beauty to a snack platter, but they also add seasonality theme to the platter. When pairing a fruit dominant charcuterie platter with a wine, try to match the fruit with the flavor profile of the wine. Remember the vibrancy and freshness of a fruit will be best paired with a young and crisp wine. A common wine for a fruit platter would be Rose, but other combinations include Merlot with Grapes, Savignon Blanc with Mango or Cucumber, Chardonay with Apples, Pears or Peaches.
Cold Cuts & Wines
For white meats, Prosciutto, or salmon pair a fresh and light bodied wine like Albarino. Albarino grape is often used to make sparkling wines due to its high acidity and fruity notes, making this the perfect pair for easy going cured meats
Is There A Wine For Breads & Tea Cakes?
Of course! When it comes to cakes for a charcuterie platter, it is best to keep the sweetness level low so guests don’t end up having a dessert instead of a sweet snack. Open up a Prosecco or a Champagne for your bread and cake dominant platter. The sweetness in the wine will balance the cake flavor and add a little celebratory note to your party
Party Fun
Let not your wine & charcuterie platter be restrained by pairing choices. It is often a great idea to experiment with your friends when it comes to wine. I am opening a never before tasted ‘Coume de Malies’, from domain Balansa, a white blend of Grenache blanc, grenache gris, for my platter. It has fresh notes of white fruits and flowers which I feel will pair great with fruits, bread, cake, cured meats and nuts. Let us taste, shall we?
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